Pivot the world towards increased outdoor activity through gamification

Okto Technologies aims to become a global activity platform incentivizing the masses to be more active in their everyday lives.

We wish to impact lives by reversing the effects of the all too common sedentary lifestyles of the 21st century. Okto is taking lessons from the addictive gaming and social media-driven apps people are accustomed to, and applying the same principles to make our users want to ride our bikes 1km longer, climb that extra set of stairs, or take an afternoon walk.

strive for

Leveling Up

Bringing out the best in our people and our customers.

focus on


It's not a open door policy.
It's a no door policy.



Full passion and playing hard to the core.


Celebrating Nature

We do not stop at protecting nature, we seek to celebrate and experience it every day.

Meet the team

Filip Nag

CEO & Co-Founder

Our Chief Potato Head. Previously done a lot of stuff at EV startup Zaptec. Hopeless visionary at Okto.


Ole Martin Ølmheim

CCO & Co-founder

Previously founder of successful startup Bikefinder. Prime Hustler at Okto, we don't think he sleeps at all.


We aim to be Earth's most playful company. Where our products help all our customers have the most fun and engaging outdoor activity experiance.

We belive it's only possible to have exceptional fun experiences while being in an open state where creativity is welcomed and celebrated.

That's why we choose to bet big on creative people with big ideas and large ambitions. If this is you please contact us.

Join the OKTO journey to pivot the world towards increased outdoor activity.

  • Playful environment
  • Fast communication
  • Personal openness
  • Radical candor
  • Everyone is an insider
  • Trust means trusting someone even when they screw up
  • No Solo
  • Don't half ass it