Ole Martin Ølmheim

Previously founder of successful startup Bikefinder. Prime Hustler at Okto, we don't think he sleeps at all.

Filip Nag

Our Chief Potato Head, Gamer, and creative product manager. Hopeless visionary at Okto.

Atle Mæland
Senior Game Developer

Atle Mæland has over 13 years of game development experience and has a master degree in programming as well as a degree in 3D animation and illustration. ⛰

John Gustav Hauge
Game Developer

John is a creative problem solver who likes to look at the whole game production picture; he has a bachelor's degree in interactive media: Games 👾 and have been interested in games all his life.

Team Okto

Our team consist of a set of highly creative individuals working together with the single propose of creating fun and engaging games for our players that incentives and drives higher activity outdoors. 

Our Story

Okto is a Gaming Company based in Stavanger, Norway. Creating fun and exciting games that aims to increase the outdoor activity of it's players.

Our Advisors

Joachim Haraldsen

Heroic eSports

Jørgen Iversen

First Engineers

Lars Hæhre

Organization Psychologist
Bjørnson Organisasjonspsykologene

Magnus Larsen Svanholm

Business Analyst
Hausta Vekst

Team Experience

Years of Combined
Game Development


Games Developed


Years of
Sales Experience


Our Mission

Pivot the world towards increased outdoor activity through gamification

Okto Technologies aims to become a global activity platform incentivizing the masses to be more active in their everyday lives.We wish to impact lives by reversing the effects of the all too common sedentary lifestyles of the 21st century. Okto is taking lessons from the addictive gaming and social media-driven apps people are accustomed to, and applying the same principles to make our players want to more time in activity outdoors.