All-In on Creativity 🎉

We figured it was worth talking a little about how we prioritize culture at OKTO. Before we even started digging deep into the future roadmap of the company we decided to take the time to settle on a common culture that we believe in. A culture that will not only make this a fun company to work for but where creativity thrives. Creativity is a fragile thing in the business world and we wanted to make sure to prioritize, nurture and protect it from coldhearted business decisions. After all, for us to build fun games that can change people's motivation to spend more time outdoors, we have to be as creative as humanly possible.

Therefore, we will always prioritize playfulness over seriousness and scalability over perfection. Long-term goals will stand higher than short-term gains and is one of the reasons we can occasionally take a foot in the ground to see where we stand according to our mission. We will always put the company values over the business; we will not necessarily go into lucrative partnerships with companies or investors that contradict these values or treat our Oktonauts 👩🚀 poorly.

The founders own long-term strategic decisions. However, we wish all short-term decisions to be in the hands of our Oktonauts; by doing it this way, we establish trust, unity, and ownership in the daily tasks of OKTO. Additionally, we want to challenge each Oktonaut to have their own opinion about the future of OKTO; we want everyone to be part of building a great company together and not just their own task.

We need to mark success🎖; it’s most likely built on hard work and should be celebrated together with the whole company. However, it is also essential to celebrate failures, as this means that we were able to tell ourselves that we learned enough to know that we are going in the wrong direction and need to change. This is a strength, not a weakness.

We do not want to have any strict rules at OKTO. Instead, we want people to follow “Do what is best for OKTO” 🤝 as a foundational rock based on trust between each other. If someone works 40 hours a week or 100 does not matter to us, as long as this person does what’s expected and is part of the company’s unity.

We want to have some norms on how we behave in the company. For example, poor communication can lead to many bad decisions and wasted energy; we want to crack down on this. The same is mediocrity, driving solo, or ego trips. These are things we know many can struggle with at times, but then we will build each other up together. 🙌

Lastly, we want everyone in the company invested in each of their colleagues doing the best possible job; in this way, we open up for radical honesty based solely on positive intentions. Here, people must also be challenged to show work that has not yet been completed so that colleagues can give quick and honest feedback.

In the end, it is our goal to be the most fun gaming company to work for, that has a clear positive impact on people’s physical and mental health all around the world and we will stop at nothing to achieve this, we mean it. 🚀

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